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Alphonse Ha - Social Media Marketing Strategist

Social Media MarketingI am a Social Media Marketing strategist from Montréal, Canada. I currently work for
the web consulting firm in Montreal, Canada.

My blog is the written version of that part in my head that constantly thinks, discusses and analyzes Social Media from a Web 2.0, Marketing, and Generation Y perspective. Yes that generation you really want to get in their head.

If you really want to know more about me, I invite you to read more. Disclaimer, the following text is personal and long. 🙂

When I was in High School, my dream was to become a game creator/programmer/developer/maker whatever you want to call it for Capcom. Yes, I was a very big fan of Street Fighter and loved Mega Man as well. Once I got in college and had to go through pure and applied sciences in class, I decided that I couldn’t be a programmer. I have always been very creative, dynamic and social.

I was in a special visual art program in high school and played competitive piano for over 10 years. A friend of mine once told me on, the night of a January 1rst when I felt very low in energy, that even when I am “low in energy”, I can still match the energy of most people when they are high in energy! 😀

As a kid, I attended 5 elementary school and thus have been uprooted often. This forced me to constantly adapt myself socialy. Since the end of my high school days I have focused a lot on improving my interpersonal skills.

I then spent a lot of time in career orientation and decided that I wanted to work as a creative in advertising. I was attracted to the psychological, creative and branding aspects of advertising. I was fascinated with how advertising contributes in shaping people’s perception of a brand.

After graduating from university, I took a job because I had to pay bills. This job changed my life. I discovered the world of Social Media and fell in love.

Social Media Marketing is the perfect fit for me because it incorporates strategy and since this is a very new field, creativity is a very important. Social Media is a booming and very innovative field thus drawing strategies on these platforms is very gratifying. Social Media is also social – it is about creating and maintaining relationships and thus allows me to apply my interpersonal skills.

Since I was a kid, my number 1 motivator has always been success and nothing makes me more happy than to see brands reach their goals and grow thanks to Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is an online tool like Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. I believe that SMM is most effective when executed within a larger online and offline marketing strategy. I believe SMM and SEO are tightly linked and thus the reason why I discuss a lot about SEO in my website.

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