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We are the World 25 YouTube Edition

February 23rd, 2010. Published under Thumbs Up, YouTube. No Comments.

We Are the World YouTube version

Great social media initiative by 50 artists on YouTube that got together and remade the late King of Pop’s hit “We are the World“.

I think it is great to see people across the planet get together for such a great cause and I think this is a great testament to the power of Social Media bringing people together. My only pet peeve is that there isn’t enough call to action for the cause. Rather than just having a link in the description, I think there could of been a clip at the beginning that incites people to donate to Haiti.

Personally, I prefer The YouTube version to the latest “We are the World 25” (25 is for the number of years it was made after the original).

At first, I didn’t understand why a lot of people criticized this version of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s “We are the World” but after I heard the auto-tune, I agree. I don’t mind the rap (minus Kanye West, I felt he stood out like a sore thumb) but the auto-tune really killed the emotion of the song. I am all for diversity but chemistry is more important to me.

Nevertheless, I applaud all the artists, well known or not, that got together to help Haiti – that earthquake is heartbreaking.

On a Social Media Marketing perspective, I like how the end of the original clip incites engagement by inviting the viewers to download the song, make their own version of We are the World on YouTube and add it as a video response. Rather than simply broadcasting (pushing) their content, they encourage the collectivity and interaction with the audience. Bravo!

photo from wikipedia.

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Google Buzz: Facebook Killer?

February 10th, 2010. Published under Facebook, Video. 2 Comments.

Google Buzz Facebook Killer?

Google has been making multiple moves under the radar aiming directly at Facebook for over a year now. I already discussed how Google opened Facebook Events to the world with Google Events and how that can benefit your business better in spring 2009. In fact, Google announced their version of Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, as early as 2008.

With Facebook attacking Google’s search market with their improved search within social networks conversations. The war between the two eGiants is surprisingly quiet. With Google Buzz, this war just got more interesting:

Will Google Buzz kill Facebook or Twitter? I don’t think so – not anytime soon anyway. Not because of Google Buzz but because Facebook and Twitter are powerhouses and it takes a long time to bring them down. I think the service is quite interesting and offers great features but Facebook users will keep using Facebook for now.

Unlike Twitter, the service of Google Buzz does not differentiate itself enough from existing popular social networks right now. Moreover, the key word here is social networks. Twitter’s social network differ’s from Facebook. That is why it is working and will continue to work.

The relationships you have on Twitter are not the same as on Facebook.

I have yet to see how my relationships will be different on Google Buzz. We will just have to wait and see. For now, Google Buzz just seems to offer more of the same thing. I don’t believe that is the best way to attract people away from Facebook or Twitter.

As for how can marketers take advantage of Google Buzz? It is simple, successful social media marketers must focus on developing relationships. The key is to develop trust from communities (disclaimer: very technical article drawing links between SEO and SMM).

In order to be trusted in these communities, you have to invest a lot of time and contribute a lot. Therefore, it is important for social media marketers to gain authority in communities because in the near future, I wouldn’t be surprised to see social media sites a la Wikipedia and YouTube to allow some dofollow links.

Once trust is developed, it doesn’t really matter what social network you are using. In the case of Google Buzz, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of the same people from other social networks.

Picture by: invisiblegaijin

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Using LinkedIn to Grow your Business

February 9th, 2010. Published under 101. 2 Comments.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Very good infographic of how to use LinkedIn to grow your business by Pedro Laboy. The overall LinkedIn Marketing Strategy is not much more complex than what is shown here.

There is, however, one thing missing. The Answer section of LinkedIn is the most powerful tool this social network has to offer. Anybody is encourage to ask a question about any industry and members of the LinkedIn community (inside or outside your network) can answer. The person asking the question is then invited to rate what he felt were the good answers and to choose what he thought was the best answer. The number of best answer is then shown on the profile of the member  who answered the question best.

That dynamic incites people to share their expertise because the more “best answers” they can display on their profile, the more trust and credibility they build.

That is crucial for business development.

Yes, the secrets to LinkedIn is essentially just that. The hardest part of LinkedIn, just like any other social media, is the time commitment. That is why outsourcing your social media needs can really help you focus on your bread and butter. An alternative is to create an internal communication strategy and policy that will encourage as many employees in the company to be involved as much possible. Rather than having one person working 40 hours a week on developing relationships in LinkedIn, you can have 10 employees spend 4 hours a week. That is less than 1 hour a day.

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Striptease vs Parental Control

December 9th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up, Video. 10 Comments.


Parental Control Striptease: User Engagement done right! I stumbled on this and though it was genius. An Ad done by Terra Brazil. Don’t let the guy stop you and try and go until the end 😉

This is a great ad and you know what? Banner ads are in flash as well. Who says you cannot do something in the same concept? Sure this one takes a long time to load but if you can stream a YouTube clip (which is, by the way, also flash), you can make a banner ad in this type.

This is amazing user engagement. I was fighting against the little guy and clicking play every time he stopped the vid. I want to see the girl strip damn it! I don’t remember the last time I engaged with an ad so long. It sure beats your shoot the bulls eye and win a free iPhone spams/scams!

What do you think? 😀

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Google OS: Propaganda Done Right

November 20th, 2009. Published under 101. 3 Comments.

You know it is all true. The computer, nowadays, is useless without the Internet….

Here is to Google OS speaking the truth.

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Google Search Tips

November 18th, 2009. Published under 101. No Comments.

Here are a few tips from Matt Cuts, an engineer at Google, that will improve your search on the Internet and help you find what you really need.

Photo by: Geek & Poke

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Push tes limites (Push it Remix) – Concordia 2010 feat. Salt-N-Pepa

November 11th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. 5 Comments.

Délégation Concordia 2010

This is my fifth and will be my final year that I will participate to the Jeux de la communication (Communications Games). I will not compete this year, I am a Has Been so I will be a volunteer and I will help coach the 2010 Concordia University delegation. This year, the coms games (or Jeux de la Com) will be in Moncton, New-Brunswick, in the first week of March 2010.

I am really looking forward to this. I think the 3 leaders are doing an incredible job so far and the delegation is very promising. Here is the introduction video the Concordia Delegation produced.

What do you think?

Push tes limites!

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How to Kill Google

November 10th, 2009. Published under SEO. No Comments.

Wow, this is genius and deserves a blog post:

Not sure if you read Rupert Murdoch’s comments today that Newscorp will probably block the Google search spider from indexing their news sites soon. Essentially this means that you would no longer see the Wall Street Journal in Google results. Sounds crazy huh? Suspend disbelief for a moment please because it’s actually genius and it’s actually worked already (in Korea!).

In fact, a couple of weeks ago we had this *exact* discussion on This Week in Startups. Essentially, I put forth a simple strategy for Microsoft to pursue with Bing in which they would go to content providers like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal and offer them 50% more revenue then they are currently getting from Google search referrals to be exclusively indexed in Bing.

You can read the full article here:

Very gutsy move form Bing if they ever do it and it does make competitive sense. Unfortunately, the title is misleading because I don’t believe Google can be killed that easily. They are smart enough to turn the market around and make it work for them. Plus their big bucks are from ads, not really searches (although there is a correlation).

And here I thought that the only way to get away from Google was by going to the Google Opt Out Village: 😛

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

photo by: Hoggheff aka Hank Ashby aka Mr. Freshtags

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Japan’s I Got a Feeling Lip Dub Response to UQAM

October 22nd, 2009. Published under YouTube. No Comments.


I guess the Lip Dub fever is not over yet, while browsing on KWAD9 (Disclaimer: I work for KWAD9) I stumbled on a post of a member of the community that shared this YouTube video clip of a Japanese I Got a Feeling lip dub as a response to the popular UQAM lip dub that made it on CNN.

I find this incredible that the video not only made it to the other side of the world, it was so powerful that it inspired other students to make a video response to it! Welcome to the Social Media Revolution people! This is proof of the impact of social media in the real world, across borders, and how powerful it can be.

The this LipDub from Japan was created by students of the Nihon University, College of Art. According to their YouTube description, they shot it on October 20th 2009 because they were so excited about the work of Université du Québec À Montréal.

The video use the same song: “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas (B.E.P) and features a lot of Japanese stereotypes. You gotta love the Pokemon and Dragon Ball characters jumping and dancing around.

I personally think that the UQAM lip dub was better but it is so refreshing to see how it inspired others. What do you think of the video/response?

The “original” UQAM Lip Dub:

Photo by: Fanny Lafontaine Jacob taken on UQAM website.

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Le futur de Twitter d’après son CEO

October 6th, 2009. Published under Twitter. No Comments.

Futur de Twitter d'après Evan Williams

Evan Williams, le co-fondateur et CEO de Twitter a dévoilé les plans futurs du chouchou des réseaux sociaux. La jeune entreprise va bientôt permettre aux gens à mieux filtrer leurs informations en introduisant des groupes générés par les utilisateurs. Twitter cherche aussi à mieux présenter les lieux d’où proviennent les “tweets” ainsi qu’à améliorer leur engin de recherche.

Evan Williams annonce aussi que Twitter se concentre à élever la crédibilité de son réseau en tant que source d’information en développant un système de réputation. Ce système sera basé sur la confiance attribuée par les membres du réseau. Williams explique qu’il est difficile de faire confiance à un inconnu mais que plus des gens font confiance à une personne, plus sa crédibilité augmente.

Est-ce que vous pensez que Twitter sera capable de développer un système de réputation respecté par les usagers?

photo par: magerleagues

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