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We are the World 25 YouTube Edition

February 23rd, 2010. Published under Thumbs Up, YouTube. No Comments.

We Are the World YouTube version

Great social media initiative by 50 artists on YouTube that got together and remade the late King of Pop’s hit “We are the World“.

I think it is great to see people across the planet get together for such a great cause and I think this is a great testament to the power of Social Media bringing people together. My only pet peeve is that there isn’t enough call to action for the cause. Rather than just having a link in the description, I think there could of been a clip at the beginning that incites people to donate to Haiti.

Personally, I prefer The YouTube version to the latest “We are the World 25” (25 is for the number of years it was made after the original).

At first, I didn’t understand why a lot of people criticized this version of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s “We are the World” but after I heard the auto-tune, I agree. I don’t mind the rap (minus Kanye West, I felt he stood out like a sore thumb) but the auto-tune really killed the emotion of the song. I am all for diversity but chemistry is more important to me.

Nevertheless, I applaud all the artists, well known or not, that got together to help Haiti – that earthquake is heartbreaking.

On a Social Media Marketing perspective, I like how the end of the original clip incites engagement by inviting the viewers to download the song, make their own version of We are the World on YouTube and add it as a video response. Rather than simply broadcasting (pushing) their content, they encourage the collectivity and interaction with the audience. Bravo!

photo from wikipedia.

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Japan’s I Got a Feeling Lip Dub Response to UQAM

October 22nd, 2009. Published under YouTube. No Comments.


I guess the Lip Dub fever is not over yet, while browsing on KWAD9 (Disclaimer: I work for KWAD9) I stumbled on a post of a member of the community that shared this YouTube video clip of a Japanese I Got a Feeling lip dub as a response to the popular UQAM lip dub that made it on CNN.

I find this incredible that the video not only made it to the other side of the world, it was so powerful that it inspired other students to make a video response to it! Welcome to the Social Media Revolution people! This is proof of the impact of social media in the real world, across borders, and how powerful it can be.

The this LipDub from Japan was created by students of the Nihon University, College of Art. According to their YouTube description, they shot it on October 20th 2009 because they were so excited about the work of Université du Québec À Montréal.

The video use the same song: “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas (B.E.P) and features a lot of Japanese stereotypes. You gotta love the Pokemon and Dragon Ball characters jumping and dancing around.

I personally think that the UQAM lip dub was better but it is so refreshing to see how it inspired others. What do you think of the video/response?

The “original” UQAM Lip Dub:

Photo by: Fanny Lafontaine Jacob taken on UQAM website.

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The YouTube Optimization Experiment Aftermath

August 6th, 2009. Published under YouTube. 2 Comments.

Here is the aftermath of my YouTube Optimization experiment. On July 27, 2009 I recorded the Michael Jackson Flash Mob Tribute in Montreal.

The goal was just to have content. I know that my camera handling was very poor and my angle sucked. However, I knew that the Flash Mob would make the news and a lot of people would be searching for videos about the MJ Tribute. Flash Mobs in general are pretty cool so I knew I had interesting content. I wanted to share the event with the world but I also knew that I had something people wanted to see.


Within hours:

  • I got on the first page for Most Viewed of the day in the category Entertainment.
  • I had more views than the Bande à Part (Radio-Canada) video of the Flash Mob.

It is important to note that the Bande à Part Youtube channel has a lot more subscribers (238 subcribers vs 3 subscribers), their video was embeded on multiple the major TV network web pages and it was also later picked up by Radio-Energie’s website (A major radio network).

Within 24 hours:

  • I made it to the 2nd page of Most Viewed of the day in all categories.

48 Hours

  • I recorded over 10,000 views.

48-72 Hours:

  • I was in a tight competition with the official video, which was released a few hours after me (the official video was edited, showed all 4 flash mobs, had multiple cameras and had better angles).
  • I recorded over 20,000 views.
  • It took over 3 days for the official video to pass my amount of views and even when it did, we were very close. We were both only a few spots away from the first page of most viewed of the day in all categories.
  • Once the official video got to the first page of most viewed, it was over for me.

5 – 10 days:

  • For a week, I still had more views than Bande à Part’s Video despite them being a “Featured Video“. It took them more than a week to pass my amount of views.
  • After 10 days, I recorded over 34,000 views, 59 ratings and 67 comments. Not too shabby for a badly filmed video.


In less than 24 hours…

  • I was the first Flash Mob result for the search query: Michael Jackson Tribute Montreal
  • I was the first Michael Jackson Flash Mob result for the search query: Flash Mob Montreal
  • I was the first result for the search query: Michael Jackson Flash Mob Montreal
  • My video was found for the search query: Michael Jackson Flash Mob
  • My video was found for the search query: Michael Jackson (Yes, for only Michael Jackson!)
  • My video was also found for the search query: Flash Mob

I stayed at the top of the YouTube Search Engines for my keywords for a long time.

Here is a screen shot of my YouTube Insights for discovery (click on picture to see full size):

YouTube Optimization Stats

After 10 days, 75% of my views were either from Search or related videos. I should of taken a print screen of the first 3 days, my search results were dominating.

Here is a screen shot of my YouTube Insights for demographics (click on picture to see full size):

YouTube Insights Stats

  • The genders for all age groups are 50/50.
  • The 2 most viewed populations are between 45-44 and 45-54. I guess it makes sense because they are the population that embraced Michael Jackson when he was with the Jackson 5 and when he was at the top of his career.
  • Despite being born after Thriller, the 13-17 generation recorded more views of the Flash Mob Tribute video than the 18 to 24 (who were also born after Thriller). This is most likely a proof that the 13-17 year olds use YouTube more than the older generation for their search of information.


I created a blog post about the Michael Jackson Flash Mob Tribute in Montreal where I obviously embeded my video but I also embeded a YouTube playlist I created that had other interesting videos of the Mtl Flash Mob. My conversion were fairly low because despite having a link straight to my blog post at the beginning of the YouTube video description, a lot of people did not click until I added annotations with a call to action to read the description for more information. Nevertheless, I had 319 visits to my blog in 7 days. That is more than my average visits per month!

  • 200 unique views in the first 2 days (Of my blog post)
  • 364 page views in 10 days on over 34,000 video views.
  • That is roughly a 1.07% CTR.

YouTube Optimization – How to Get More YouTube Views

So how did I do it? Here are the secrets to optimizing your YouTube videos and get more views:

I will have that in my next blog post 😛

photo by: blakeburris

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Suivez votre instinct – Youtube Interactif

August 6th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing, Video, YouTube. No Comments.

Samsung a lancé un vidéo sur Youtube le 25 Juillet 2008 pour leur iPhone Killer : Instinct… et alors? Le vidéo est intéractif. Oui, oui, je suis le héros de ma propre histoire Youtube! Tout come les histoires dont vous êtes le héros, à la fin de chaque vidéo, vous avez le choix de faire X ou de « suivre votre instinct ».

Génial comme concept marketing, je suis épaté! Le coté production des vidéos est minable et le contenu est très « friandise » (aucune substance, mais agréable). Le vidéo est tourné style point de vue alors ça veux donner une impression de vivre l’histoire. J’ai choisis de « suivre mon instinct » (C’est ça que j’ai fait!) et j’ai eu la chance de «frencher» une belle fille et même de me retrouver avec deux beautés bisexuelles ou du moins, bicurieuse! Donc, comme vous pouvez voir, j’ai bien rigolé car c’était un vidéo dans l’univers d’une pub de bières.

Vous pouvez construire votre propre histoire en commençant avec le premier vidéo:

Le concept de pouvoir cliquer dans un vidéo Youtube est nouveau pour moi mais pas pour Youtube, l’annotation Youtube existe depuis Juin 2008. Cette technologie est géniale et donne un grand pouvoir à la pub et au marketing. Imaginez le futur de la pub vidéo (je ne veux pas dire télé parce que je ne serais pas surpris si l’Internet remplacerait la télé dans quelques années. Le monde écoute déjà de moins en moins la télé).

Que pensez-vous du vidéo Youtube de Samsung pour l’Instinct?

Qu’est-ce que vous pensez du pouvoir de l’annotation Youtube pour le futur du Web, de la pub et le marketing? ou tout simplement de sont impact pour le Web 2.0?

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