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Obama: Be Careful on Facebook

September 10th, 2009. Published under Facebook, Thumbs Up, Video. 1 Comment.

Obama Facebook

President Barack Obama met with high school and advised them to “be careful what you post on Facebook. Whatever you do, it will be pulled up again later somewhere in your life.”

I like his message because he is not saying to shut down social media or any other fear based propaganda. Rather, Obama advices us to be smart about it.

photo by: Steve Rhodes

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Heineken Ad – What Every Men Need at Home

January 19th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

I loved this commercial thus I thought I would just share it with you all.  This has nothing to do with social media.  No reflexion or critical thoughts, just sit back and enjoy!

That commercial made me think of Tim Allen’s Home Improvement Man’s Kitchen:

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Happy Holidays!

December 5th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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Vidéo Humour: Si “24” était en 1994 … AOL ChatRooms, Pagettes, GeoCities…

August 11th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up, Video. No Comments.

Jeremiah Owyang a partagé ce vidéo via un tweet. Ce vidéo est pour tout les gens, comme moi, qui ont connu l’Internet dans les années ’90. Trop crampant, l’utilisation des téléphones sans fil gros comme un os dans les Pierrafeu, les pagettes, America Online, le bruit agressant d’un modem 14.4kbps qui se connecte, la ligne qui se coupe lorsque quelqu’un décroche le téléphone etc.La ligne la plus drôle est définitivement : « He’s got total control of our GeoCities page! » …

Ah les souvenirs! (nb : l’hôte de mon premier site Internet, en 1995, était justement GeoCities. Dans le temps, GeoCities était le Google de l’Internet!)

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Moving Story

July 28th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

Finding the Flexibility to Survive

Although the original idea of my blog was to post everything I find it interesting, this blog post is a little different from the topics I usually write about. My father sent me this story via e-mail. It is quite moving.

When shopping at the grocery store became too expensive, Brighton Earley and her mother started getting their food at the local Chevron, where the cashier gave them discounts on leftover produce.

The author (I am unsure if the author of the article is also the storyteller), learned to be humble and to essentially “let go”. Anybody who have known me pretty well know that I have recently understood how to be dedicated to something without being attached to the outcome. I still have a hard time abiding by that concept, however I have been life changing to a degree for me and I find that this article is a great reflexion of this mentality.

I remind myself that grocery shopping at a gas station is just a twist on the normal kind of grocery shopping. I remind myself that we won’t always have to shop at Chevron — that just because at this point in my life I am struggling does not mean that I will always struggle.

She named this mentality “flexibility”. I don’t believe that is the right word but it doesn’t matter. The outcome is that it gives hope and provides a more positive outlook, especially in tough situations. I believe hard times are only a matter of perception and by keeping the right attitude, a positive attitude, everything does get better.

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How to Play Tetris Theme with Empty Bottles

July 16th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

I have been very busy lately with a big project at work so here is a little something to just keep the blog alive. enjoy!

How To Play The Tetris Theme On Bottles,t=1,mt=video

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Breakin’ Lynx … Leaked???

July 9th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up. 2 Comments.

In my research in SEO, I used myself as an guinea pig and I found something quite interesting yesterday that prompted a mix of emotions. I was shocked, surprised, please, intrigued and a little displeased (I am aware that I just listed pleased and displeased).

Let me explain.

I typed “Alphonse Ha” in (French) and what did I discover? My name and my biggest video project to date: Breakin’ Lynx, A documentary of B-boying or Breaking (or commercially known as Breakdancing) in Montreal through B-Girl Lynx, was listed on a MySpace page of Gros Méchants Films as his film’s interests.

I sent him a Myspace message yesterday and, of course, added him to my MySpace friends (hey! He’s like my first unknown fan!). I have not heard from him yet but am very curious to know how the hell did he get his hands on my video.

I am glad that the video is nowhere to be seen on the web yet (I couldn’t find it). I wanted to finish working on the sound, create a mini trailer and have a “web premier” date for the video’s official launch and hopefully submit it to festivals as well.

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Apple Supports the small Canadians (sorta)

July 8th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

Spat With Rogers Leaves Canadian Apple Stores Without iPhones

I Am VERY glad to hear this. I am happy to see that consumers can make a difference. I have been very angry at the mobile oligopoly in Canada. Ever since Fido was bought, experts were right, cell phone services have been costing Canadians more. City Fido was an amazing plan and I saw that as the light at the end of the tunnel. However, since Rogers bought Fido, what happened? City Fido was changed to a horrible plan that I doubt many customers purchased (I should actually look into if it is still available, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was removed).

I am a supporter of the consumers’ voice and I hope to see more outcry so that cell phone plans drop. I was glad to see Koodo enter the market and I hope there will be more. Perhaps we should make a petition for Apple to make a CDMA version of the iPhone so that Bell, Koodo, Virgin and Telus can offer the iPhone as well. I know I want it!!!

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Law of attraction

July 7th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

Very inspiring article from Secrets of the Job Hunt:

How to Attract Your Dream Job
by Laura Whitelaw of

Your next step is to take inspired action. So, if you get a feeling that you should connect with an old friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while – follow that instinct. You never know where a phone call might lead. You might decide one day to take a different route to work and pass a company that you were not aware of and find out that they have an opening there. The point is to be open to the possibilities of where this dream job might come from while still keeping up with your traditional job search methods.

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