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We are the World 25 YouTube Edition

February 23rd, 2010. Published under Thumbs Up, YouTube. No Comments.

We Are the World YouTube version

Great social media initiative by 50 artists on YouTube that got together and remade the late King of Pop’s hit “We are the World“.

I think it is great to see people across the planet get together for such a great cause and I think this is a great testament to the power of Social Media bringing people together. My only pet peeve is that there isn’t enough call to action for the cause. Rather than just having a link in the description, I think there could of been a clip at the beginning that incites people to donate to Haiti.

Personally, I prefer The YouTube version to the latest “We are the World 25” (25 is for the number of years it was made after the original).

At first, I didn’t understand why a lot of people criticized this version of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s “We are the World” but after I heard the auto-tune, I agree. I don’t mind the rap (minus Kanye West, I felt he stood out like a sore thumb) but the auto-tune really killed the emotion of the song. I am all for diversity but chemistry is more important to me.

Nevertheless, I applaud all the artists, well known or not, that got together to help Haiti – that earthquake is heartbreaking.

On a Social Media Marketing perspective, I like how the end of the original clip incites engagement by inviting the viewers to download the song, make their own version of We are the World on YouTube and add it as a video response. Rather than simply broadcasting (pushing) their content, they encourage the collectivity and interaction with the audience. Bravo!

photo from wikipedia.

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Striptease vs Parental Control

December 9th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up, Video. 10 Comments.


Parental Control Striptease: User Engagement done right! I stumbled on this and though it was genius. An Ad done by Terra Brazil. Don’t let the guy stop you and try and go until the end 😉

This is a great ad and you know what? Banner ads are in flash as well. Who says you cannot do something in the same concept? Sure this one takes a long time to load but if you can stream a YouTube clip (which is, by the way, also flash), you can make a banner ad in this type.

This is amazing user engagement. I was fighting against the little guy and clicking play every time he stopped the vid. I want to see the girl strip damn it! I don’t remember the last time I engaged with an ad so long. It sure beats your shoot the bulls eye and win a free iPhone spams/scams!

What do you think? 😀

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Push tes limites (Push it Remix) – Concordia 2010 feat. Salt-N-Pepa

November 11th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. 5 Comments.

Délégation Concordia 2010

This is my fifth and will be my final year that I will participate to the Jeux de la communication (Communications Games). I will not compete this year, I am a Has Been so I will be a volunteer and I will help coach the 2010 Concordia University delegation. This year, the coms games (or Jeux de la Com) will be in Moncton, New-Brunswick, in the first week of March 2010.

I am really looking forward to this. I think the 3 leaders are doing an incredible job so far and the delegation is very promising. Here is the introduction video the Concordia Delegation produced.

What do you think?

Push tes limites!

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Obama feat. T-Pain – My Health Care Plan (Auto-tune)

October 6th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up, Video. No Comments.

Obama I Am T-Pain

Genius viral video. I am surprised that it “only” has under half a million views in a week. Jimmy Kimmel challenged T-Pain to make a song with Obama using his new iPhone app I Am T-Pain. The song takes Obama’s rhetoric about his health care reform plan. I wonder if they will make the song available on iTune. It would be a great move IMO.

Obama + Auto-Tune = instant hit!

Here is the YouTube video clip:

What do you think?

photo by: egadapparel

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Top 5 clés USB cool

October 5th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. 1 Comment.

Des clĂ©s USB c’est pratique pour partager de la musique, des photos ou des vidĂ©os mais pourquoi avoir simplement des clĂ©s ordinaires? Voici le top 5 des clĂ©s USB les plus cool de la planĂšte.

5. La clĂ© USB “poulet entier”.

Elle est vraiment drĂŽle et certaine de faire tourner plusieurs tĂȘtes. Par contre le poulet est aussi gros que le portable, donc, pas trĂšs pratique.

Poulet clé USB

4. Le cable USB coupé.

On dirait que quelqu’un a tentĂ© d’arracher un cable USB et que le fil est restĂ© coincĂ© dans la prise.


3. La clé USB Shuriken.

Qui a lancé une étoile de Ninja dans mon ordi!?!


2. Le toutou dans la prise USB.

Nounours s’est mis le nez lĂ  oĂč il ne fallait pas !


1. J’ai un doigt dans mon ordi!!!

La clĂ© USB la plus cool est dĂ©finitivement le pouce qui sort de l’ordinateur. Cette clĂ© USB est tellement rĂ©aliste que les passants s’arrĂȘteront assurĂ©ment, ne comprenant pas pourquoi il y a un pouce qui sort de l’ordi!




Quelle est la clé USB la plus cool selon vous ?

Un petit bonus mĂȘme si celle-ci n’est pas une clĂ© USB.

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WTF is Google Wave?

October 2nd, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. 1 Comment.

WTF is Google Wave

Google Wave explained in plain English. Very good and fun video that will make you understand what the whole fuss is about.

I really believe Google Wave will revolutionize comunication (on the web) as we know it and I also think it is a stab at Facebook because from what I understand, and this has not been explained in the video, Google Wave will incorporate all the content from your Social Media networks.

I expect Yahoo, Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook to be hit the most though. Not Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you @enkerli for sharing the video.

photo by: æŸæž—ïŒŹ

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I Am T-Pain ou ĂȘtre rockstar pour la soirĂ©e

September 29th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

I Am T-Pain iPhone App

Es-tu un fan de T-Pain? Oui? Non? Tu ne le connais pas? Pas grave!

Que tu aimes sa musique ou non, tu peux ĂȘtre la star du prochain party si tu as un iPhone et 2.99$.

Smule, le crĂ©ateur de l’application populaire Ocarina, a dĂ©veloppĂ© “I am T-Pain“, une application iPhone qui permet de modifier ta voix avec un effet auto-tune comme T-Pain dans “I’m on a Boat”.

Il suffit simplement de chanter dans le micro du iPhone et l’application s’occupe du reste!

Tu peux chanter les succĂšs de T-Pain ou crĂ©er tes propres chansons, les enregistrer et les partager avec le monde. En effet, Smule rends la tĂąche facile pour partager tes oeuvres. I Am T-Pain te permet de publier tes chansons directement sur ta page MySpace, ton mur Facebook ou l’envoyer a ta grand-mĂšre par courriel. Sur le site officiel de l’application: tu peux mĂȘme voir tous les chansons crĂ©Ă©es par des utilisateurs partout sur la planĂšte.

Une excellente application amusante Ă  avoir pendant les partys ou dans les bars. Il faut faire vite par contre, parce qu’avec une application si chaude, c’est une question de temps que tout le monde va l’avoir!

Samedi soir + I Am T-Pain + public = plaisir assuré!

Tu peux voir un vidĂ©o des artistes connus qui dĂ©couvrent l’application.

Download l’app sur iTune.

Photo de: Wikipedia.

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TweetStreet – Get your own Twitter Street Name

September 28th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. 1 Comment.

Who says you need to become a political icon in order to have a street named after you?, a Dutch website, came up with a creative effort to raise money for the Palestinian Children Care Society (PCCS) by allowing Tweeple to have their own Twitter handle as one of the 200 street names in Askar, a Palestinian refugee camp. The “@” mention in front of your Twitter name can now be used literally; as a location.

Arjan El Fassed, a Dutch-Palestinian Twitter user, is the first to have a a tweetstreet named after his username: @arjanelfassed. reports:

“Since a refugee camp by definition should not remain permanent, selling street names of the camp is a creative way to connect people and support these children after school,” said Arjan El Fassed. “Naming the street to my Twitter account is a symbolic way to connect both online and offline with the children of Askar.”

The tweetstreet names are not reported to be permanent, however it is a great initiative that is bound to provide more visibility to the PCCS. The funds will be used to provide after-school activities for nearly 1,000 children of the refugee camp who currently have no place to go after school. If you want to support this charity or simply just want to have your own tweetstreet, all you need is a Twitter account, 146$ (USD) and go to (Website not in English unfortunately).

Have you heard of other creative charity initiatives using Twitter or social media? Perhaps neighbourhoods named after Facebook pages? It would be interesting to live in the Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side neighbourhood!

photo by: Gene Hunt

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Lipdub – Kwad9

September 20th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. 2 Comments.

Lately, in Montreal, there has been a huge craze around Lip Dubs. Here is a really nice one that combines a song from 1966 with youths today: LipDub of MichĂšle Richard’s song “BoĂźtes Ă  gogo”. For all my non French speaking readers, what do you think? 😀

(Click on the Video to watch it in better resolution in YouTube)

I really like the marketing in this video because KWAD9 is a French website that allows its visitors (even if you are not a member) to choose vote if a trend is hot or not. They chose a great time to shoot the video because there are so many Lip Dubs that came out in Montreal lately. Great example of combining the offline and online in your marketing mix!

A playlist of multiple LipDubs in Montreal:

PS: You can watch the YouTube version of the Lip Dub if you want to see it in higher resolution.

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Gary Vaynerchuk’s NY Times Contest

September 10th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. No Comments.

Gary NY Times Contest


My picture entry to Gary Vaynerchuk’s NY Times Contest! He is flying someone to NYC.

SO I Tweeted this an hour ago! Tomorrow I have a big profile in the NY Times and I had this idea. Anyone who buys the Times tomorrow and takes the most creative picture with the actual article in the picture and leaves a link to it under here will win a dinner with me in NYC in 2010, I will fly you in and put you up, get creative and pass it on!

Having an airplane ticket to NYC paid and I get to talk about social media with Gary V? That’s a dream come true. There aren’t a lot of people that I read/watch on a daily basis. Gary is one of the two only person I take time out of my day for.

You wanted a creative picture Gary? You got it. I really believe I have a legit shot at this.

What do you think?

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