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Economy, recession – Myspace will die.

December 11th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

The biggest social media will survive.  Plain and simple.  Youtube and Facebook are here to stay.  Personally, I don’t even know why Myspace is still alive.  It looks to me that their numbers/stats are inflated.  Sure they have over 100 million users but how many of them are actually active?  Facebook has much more conversation going on than Myspace and that is why Facebook is a shoe-in to still be alive passed this recession.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Myspace die in the near future unless they start acting smart.  Improve interactions!!!  Let’s be real, the reason why Facebook established itself as a powerhouse is due to its unlimited photo uploads and the ability to tag friends in these pictures.  Facebook is proactive, Myspace is reactive.  Oh! Facebook has unlimited photo uploads, let’s do that too!  Let’s also do tagging.  Too late.  
Myspace still has an advantage.  It has a good hold on the artistic/creative scene on the internet.  Myspace needs to capitalize on it and for the love of my eyes, do something about backgrounds.  It is nice to allow artistic expression but that doesn’t mean that everybody can be artistic.  If a member’s page is unreadable because it has the band’s group picture at the back and the font is black, nobody will want to come back to the page often.  That is not good for the band and not good for Myspace.
The only way Myspace can prosper is by leveraging its community.  They are artistic, they are bands, give them tools to help promote their band, give the community’s tool to connect and increase interaction.  Myspace is a junk social network filled with self promoting spammers.  Appropriate that community, give them tool to turn your social network where people will turn towards to learn more about artists and bands and their new shows.  The reality is that most Myspace friends are just part of a collection of strangers.  Well if that is the case, help strangers meet, help strangers interact!  
  • Suggest “friends” to me because they are a great Hip-Hop band or an up and coming soul band and you, Myspace, know that from me because of the data in my profile, my listed interest,  the profile of my friends, etc.  
  • Allow members to rate songs or bands or any art work.  
  • Allow friends to share songs with other friends.  
  • Leverage your video platform, you have a great one (especially compared to Facebook) leverage it, make it easier to share within the community and to share outside of the community.  
  • Promote the fact that it can be shared in different ways.  
  • Encourage your members to upload videos.  
  • Inform them that it is a great way for their garage band to gain exposure.  
By the way, your news feed sucks.  Stop trying to copy Facebook.  Make your own news feed.
Survival of the fittest – Adapt or die.  Plain and simple.

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Social Media Marketing in the Music Industry.

November 23rd, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

Social Media Music Industry

Lately, I have been addicted to Jason Mraz’ song “I’m Yours”. I decided to “Youtube” the song’s video clip and it hit me how social media is powerful and how under utilized it is.

Jason Mraz has a great thing going on right now, a lot of people are making covers of his song and posting the videos on Youtube. Why isn’t the marketing team behind him utilize that, appropriate it and build on it?  It’s FREE!!! It is also much more powerful than displaying print ads about the album.  People can actually experience the song.

A quick look at Jason Mraz’ official website, show that they are aware that social media exist, they have a Youtube channel and I like their idea of the Polaroid book and their idea with the cell phones, Jason Mraz details in a photo, but that is barely a decent effort. They get a B for effort and A for creativity but come on. How did you have the great idea of using your public and engage them in participation by allowing them to display their (low quality) pictures on the screen but aggregate them so poorly?  A quick google search for these pictures doesn’t show up in the first pages…

Let’s focus on Youtube for this blog post.  The marketing team should embed all the best covers his fans are doing on Youtube and leave a text comments on the respective Youtube clips to thank the fans and let them know how great it is that they are doing covers then link to the media section of the website where all the clips can be aggregated, that will drive even more traffic to the websites.  This will create a much bigger following and will also strengthen the exposure of Jason Mraz.  The website is Jason’s home on the Internet, it is a controlled environment where the marketing team can expose their best marketing messages.  Drive the traffic there! Bring them into your home.

Set up a contest! Encourage your audience to submit their best cover over Youtube, supply them with the instrumental. Ask visitors to vote for the best cover and have the winner win tickets to his next show with a VIP pass, an autographed CD whatever.  How many of these cover artists’ friends do you think will go to the website and support their friends?  The bigger the exposure, the more chances these visitors will want to attend Jason’s next show in town.
Have Jason Mraz make one quick webcam clip to comment and thank all the covers out there and have them linked to the covers as a response to these Youtube cover clips.  Chances are, these artists have a Myspace page.  Friend them up!

That’s it for now, I will add more in another blog post.

Here are a few of these great Youtube Covers:

UPDATE: The following paragraph is not relevant because after the blog post was published, the artist had to take down the original video due to being scared of copyright issues (heh). Basically, she had annotations urging her viewers to go buy Jason’s album.

Notice the great annotations.  Unless the marketing team is behind it, you have free advertising.  The fan is a free postergirl and encouraging viewers to buy the album.  How great is that?  Capitalize on it!  The video has been viewed over a million times.

That is over a million hits that could of been driven to the controlled marketing environment web site.

Here is a list to all the covers of Jason Mraz – I’m Yours song on Youtube.  Anybody knows how I can embed a list of related videos from Youtube?

photo by: {{Brent}}

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Alphonse Ha for President

August 16th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments. oui, j’ai décidé de participer à la course aux élections. Désolé Obama et McCain, ne vous blessez pas – sortez de mon chemin! Alphonse Ha arrive! Voici le pouvoir des média sociaux.

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Le Blog c’est tellement 06/08/08

August 6th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

Sarah Perez de ReadWriteWeb parle du futur du blog: le Lifestreaming.

Au lieu de lire verticalement, le Lifestreaming pourrait être lu horizontalement, ce qui donne un feeling beaucoup plus chronologique mais ce qui m’a frappé le plus c’est le “blog” de Alan Cheslow. Plus de blog post, juste un stream de FriendFeed, une badge du profile Facebook au lieu du À propos et tout ses discussions sont affichées.

La raison de ce nouveau moyen de communication? Ya trop de blogs! Étant quelqu’un qui s’est plongé dans la blogosphère récemment pour mon emploi, je suis d’accord. J’utilise Google Reader pour me garder à jour avec 38 inscriptions et même si j’apprends beaucoup, ce qui est bon pour mon emploi, ça consomme beaucoup de temps!

There was a time when casual, personal blogging was your way to communicate with your friends on the web. Via posts, commenting, and blogrolls, bloggers formed niche communities on the web to socialize with each other. Today, new tools provide that same level of socialization – perhaps even better than blogging ever could. Via micro-blogging sites like Twitter, every quick thought or link can be shared with your community of followers and you can see theirs, too.

J’aime l’idée du Lifestream parce que nous avons plus le temps. Je suis vraiment de la génération publicité. Si ton vidéo est plus long qu’une minute, c’est trop long. Je suis plus capable de lire des articles, je veux lire des blogs et même maintenant des microblog. J’ai pas le temps! Avec cette ère de l’information, il n’y a pas assez de temps pour absorber toute cette information (Est-ce que quelqu’un pourrait inventer la machine utilisé dans Matrix pour apprendre comment piloter un hélicoptère en 30sec?). Le Lifestream est l’incarnation de: “une image vaut 1000 mots”. Personnellement, j’aimerais mieux produire un Lifestream parce que c’est plus “moi” et aussi parce qu’écrire… c’est trop long! Sans blague, mon Facebook ressemble à ça. Je suis plus porter à afficher des médias et reporter ce que j’ai lu plutôt que de les mettres dans un “journal” avec des notes comme un rapport de recherche…

De plus… si on y pense, le moins que quelqu’un parles, le plus que ce que cette personne choisi de dire est important n’est-ce pas?

Pensez vous que le Lifestream va vraiment être le futur du blog? Est-ce que les blogs peuvent coexister avec le Lifestream?

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Tendances intéressantes des média sociaux au Québec (Google Trends)

August 6th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

Facebook : bleu, Myspace : rouge, Youtube : orange, LinkedIn: vert

Comme vous pouvez remarquer, d’après les recherches Google au Québec:

  • Youtube et Facebook sont très populaire au Québec
  • Myspace est en train de crever
  • LinkedIn est mort
  • Facebook est plus populaire en Anglais que Youtube et en francais c’est le contraire.
  • Myspace semble être présent plus à Montréal, Trois-Rivières et Québec que dans les autres villes québecoises (presque nul).

Je n’ai pas les images mais d’après la même recherche, savez vous qu’au Rouyn-Noranda ses recherches sont plus populaire qu’à Montréal (Mtl est 3e derrière Hull)?

C’est intéressant de voir comment populaire sont les sites internet au monde, mais à l’échelle nationale/locale, c’est pas toujours la même histoire et en tant que Montréalais je trouve qu’il n’y a pas assez d’attention porté vers ce qui se passe sur le Web au Québec.

Je trouve aussi intéressant que Facebook était plus populaire que Youtube en Avril au Québec… je ne suis pas sur pourquoi. Est-ce que quelqu’un sait?

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Suivez votre instinct – Youtube Interactif

August 6th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing, Video, YouTube. No Comments.

Samsung a lancé un vidéo sur Youtube le 25 Juillet 2008 pour leur iPhone Killer : Instinct… et alors? Le vidéo est intéractif. Oui, oui, je suis le héros de ma propre histoire Youtube! Tout come les histoires dont vous êtes le héros, à la fin de chaque vidéo, vous avez le choix de faire X ou de « suivre votre instinct ».

Génial comme concept marketing, je suis épaté! Le coté production des vidéos est minable et le contenu est très « friandise » (aucune substance, mais agréable). Le vidéo est tourné style point de vue alors ça veux donner une impression de vivre l’histoire. J’ai choisis de « suivre mon instinct » (C’est ça que j’ai fait!) et j’ai eu la chance de «frencher» une belle fille et même de me retrouver avec deux beautés bisexuelles ou du moins, bicurieuse! Donc, comme vous pouvez voir, j’ai bien rigolé car c’était un vidéo dans l’univers d’une pub de bières.

Vous pouvez construire votre propre histoire en commençant avec le premier vidéo:

Le concept de pouvoir cliquer dans un vidéo Youtube est nouveau pour moi mais pas pour Youtube, l’annotation Youtube existe depuis Juin 2008. Cette technologie est géniale et donne un grand pouvoir à la pub et au marketing. Imaginez le futur de la pub vidéo (je ne veux pas dire télé parce que je ne serais pas surpris si l’Internet remplacerait la télé dans quelques années. Le monde écoute déjà de moins en moins la télé).

Que pensez-vous du vidéo Youtube de Samsung pour l’Instinct?

Qu’est-ce que vous pensez du pouvoir de l’annotation Youtube pour le futur du Web, de la pub et le marketing? ou tout simplement de sont impact pour le Web 2.0?

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My wordle

July 28th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

As of today, July 28th, 2008, this is the wordle of my blog:

I personally love the concept of it because although 90% of communication isn’t based on words, I believe that being precise on words is very important. Especially when speaking about metaphors, frames and context because specific words trigger certain frames, thus words ARE important!

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Sales 2.0

July 11th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

What People Aren’t Saying About Social Media

Great article by Jennifer Horowitz

Social media helps you connect and establish trust. Any one social media activity may not lead directly to
a sale in any given moment, but it helps you establish a presence online; and in your prospects mind. If you
get yourself out there and share information, you will improve your following and have a base of people that
trust you that you can market to.

I think the more the Web 2.0 develops the more selling will be about conversations. Rather than “pitching” to the public, effective sales and marketing will be the ones who take the time to establish a connection and that will be done via conversations. Isn’t it the basics of sales anyway?

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And then there was… Jaiku!

July 4th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

So in my hunt for social media slash web2.0 slash social networks slash interesting stuff, I stumbled on something that sounds like the 872th pokemon (how many are there now by the way?): Jaiku. I haven’t had time to take a look at it yet but it seems like a Twitter but not as simplified. I’m sure it is a play on words of “Haiku”… whatever.

It uses mobile technology, sms or smart phones capabilities and it can also be used via websites… I wonder what is more popular… Twitter or Jaiku. I think Jaiku is older.

Looks interesting…
Jaiku: Your Conversation

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What the “/$% is a Wiki????

June 23rd, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing, Video. No Comments.

Here is a great youtube video that I found that helped me understand what Wikis are and their use.


Created by Commoncraft, their slogan is: We use video and paper to make complex idea easy to understand.

“We made this video because wiki web sites are easy to use, but hard to describe. We hope to turn you on to a better way to plan a camping trip, or create the next Wikipedia. “

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