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“Alphonse Ha” SEO success!

July 9th, 2008. Published under SEO. No Comments.

Today is a great day! After typing my “Alphonse Ha” into, the top for results are to my Facebook Profile, my LinkedIn Profile, my Blog’s July archive, and my post about Jaiku. I have 7 results in the first result page of Google after working on my SEO experiment for a week. If you noticed, I have not started blogging consistently before my July 2nd post. It is a shame that I don’t remember when I started to inter link my profiles for SEO. I wonder if there is a history of my profile changes in blogspot?

In order to celebrate, I will not post my most popular video on the internet (who appears twice on the first google results page):

a.d.i.d.a.s.: all day i dream about shoes


Disclaimer: I am not aware that this post will contribute to my SEO success /sarcasm

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Scam? Or is he just an /$%?

July 4th, 2008. Published under SEO. No Comments.

So I have a bone to pick…

This dude created a website to show how to use SEO effectively. He created a project named: Social Dominator to show how to use SEO effectively within days so that you can have huge traffic on your web site.

My problem is that he looked like he was genuinely going to show what he had up his sleeves and kept telling people to subscribe to his website/blog. I should of seen it coming when he was telling people to subscribe to his site ten times in 2 minutes. I subscribed and did not received any info. I e-mailed him and did not get a response and his blog hasn’t been updated since May 29th, over two months. So I figured, perhaps he used to send the information out. Once I subscribed, why can’t he just send the information again? /$%?&*…

I am aware that linking him will make his SEO better but whatever. Screw him.

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