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Facebook Messages: FB Email and Social Inbox

November 22nd, 2010. Published under Facebook. 3 Comments.

Facebook Messages
Facebook is not launching e-mail but a service that will aggregate e-mails with other means of communications. In its quest on becoming the worlds primary means of worldwide communications have recently introduced Social Inbox. Where Chat, E-Mail, Texting and private message is one. With different ways of communcating, sms, chat, email, FB pm. It is just about communications, just about sending a message; e-mail and chat together, all in real time.

Next generation will have access to ALL communications at the same place. Txt, email, chat, private message. All at the same place. Finally, Facebook’s solution to spam = whitelists based on your Facebook friends and friends of friends network.

This is huge for communications.

Facebook’s branding will slow down the adoption rate of its e-mail service because of its non-professional perception from the public. Would you apply for a job with your email or @gmail?

I read on Twitter somebody that said they will only have Facebook access to their banking statement only when hell will freeze over (I assume he meant that he gets his statements in his email inbox).

If you are using gmail… would you trust Facebook over Google with your sensative financial information?

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Andrés de Rojas  on November 23rd, 2010

That’s an interesting question. You know how I feel about the “Google knows everything about me” subject, but I still trust them more than I trust Facebook.

My reason is simple: Google’s business is in advertising and has always been there. They know their business, they use your personal information for that and, so far, they haven’t had giant security issues.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s main asset right know is the database, and the same way it has been proved that there where giant privacy holes for pictures and statuses, what if someone finds the way to easily get into your e-mail -and other 500 million folks?

Plus it is not only the information, is also the pictures, the contacts, your status…. for me FB stays in the very personal sphere which should not be mixed with the real life. I know Google also has pictures and videos and all that, but Facebook is about that while Google is about search.

About applying for a job: hey, if it’s a SM, communications or new technology job showing that you have the very latest service is a good call!

Unified Inbox  on October 13th, 2011

We’ve also developed a Unified Inbox which keeps your mailspace and communication channels confidential (i.e. we’re not storing your messages). Feel free to try it out!

Ganesh  on April 13th, 2012


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