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Why Social Networks are Important: The hidden Influence of Social Networks

May 13th, 2010. Published under Social Media Marketing, Video. 1 Comment.

Social Network Bonds

Very interesting deep analysis of social networks as an entity or an organism by Nicholas Christakis. Not online social networks but any social networks and their importance in defining or predicting our behaviors. It is 20 minutes but very well worth your time.

My first thought is that influencers of social networks are the one who will be at the center of the organism rather than being on the edge. The type of person that Christakis mentionned who like to “wrap themselves” with people around them.

I like what Christakis said about how social networks are inherently good/positive (or at the very least needs positiveness to be sustained)  because we all cut ties with anybody who is not good to us. If everybody is bad to each other, no real social networks can be sustained.

Social networks are based on trust. Can you imagine a world with weak bonds? A world where we can’t trust anybody?

The reality is it’s the same online or offline.

Twitter, like any other social media, is simply a tool to develop, maintain and grow your own social network and in order to develop a large network, we need to give in order to receive. We have to give a reason for others to follow us on Twitter. It isn’t by always taking from others that we can build a strong social network. Hence the importance of tweeting relevant information and ReTweeting interesting information from others. It is also the reason why spammers can never develop any form of network because people will cut them off and block them out.

If social networks are inherently or intrinsically good, then I think it is important to dig deeper and find ways to propagate the positive rather than the negative.

At we have been doing mappings of influencers according to our client’s markets and objectives, we have talked about demonstrating the bond between the influencers or even between the influencers and the different social media platforms. This video definitely makes me want to take our mapping further. It took Christakis 5 years to create a social network mapping over 30 years… I have no idea how soon I can pull this off! 😛

What do you think? Looking at it from a high level, knowing this information how would you look into influencing a social network now? How would you market your message, product or brand through this organism to create ripples?

The craziest thing in all of this is that Facebook and Google currently own this data.

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G33K  on April 13th, 2011

social networks like facebook and twitter have become a part of our daily lives and we just cant live without them . Fact

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