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Nielsen vs Social Media

May 17th, 2010. Published under Social Media Marketing. 1 Comment.

NBC Social Media Game

Very interesting news from Mashable: NBC Turns Television into a Social Media Game

If the program takes off, Fan It could possibly serve as a precursor for redefining metrics around television viewing audiences. The television ratings system has remained relevantly unchanged since 1950. One company, Nielsen Media Research, has always been responsible for audience measurement and those measurements play a significant role in determining network advertising rates. Data from social networks could become an important new element in measuring audience engagement.

Read the full article : NBC Turns Television into a Social Media Game

It will be very interesting so see how Nielsen will adapt and if Social Media will in fact become a better audience measurement. The proper Social Media Analytics can definitely calculate engagement, which can be much more interesting for advertisers. It is pretty exciting to think about a future where the value is more in terms of engagement rather than volume of audience.

Sorry no YouTube embed for this post because I couldn’t find a clip that I wanted that didn’t have embed disabled so here is the link:

Photo by: Edgar Zuniga Jr.


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One Comment

Andrés de Rojas  on May 17th, 2010

This is amazing, actually. One of the main issues when studying advertising is the fact that we all have to trust Nielsen data without having actually proved accuracy.

Social media, where the people gets active and decides to fan something, gets EXACT numbers to advertisers… and probably takes away a lot of revenues from the agencies.

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