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What the New Facebook Like Really Means.

April 27th, 2010. Published under Facebook. 1 Comment.

New Facebook Like

Neil Sarkar from Vaynermedia couldn’t have explained why the New Facebook Like that allows us to bring everything we like on the web in our Facebook any better.

A shallower API learning curve and better integration with existing tools may seem convenient for developers and irrelevant to non-developers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Look at Twitter — despite a miniscule and skewed user base as compared to Facebook, they joined the conversation when CNN et. al. noticed their explosive growth. This growth was primarily a function of two factors: rapid innovation and low barriers to entry for new user interaction (one-click follows etc).

For the full article you can read here : How Facebook’s f8 changes will affect you in 600 words or less.

I think that everybody, even from a non-marketing background, understood that the new Like Anything, Anywhere of Facebook is huge. However, I believe that Sarkar shed light on something that most of us didn’t even think about and I have already seen the new services using this API  that popped up every seconds. A great example is Like Button.

The scary thing is that Facebook just destroyed one of Twitter’s main advantage. In the next months or so, expect to have a lot of services based on the Facebook API. This new Facebook ecosystem will probably overpower a lot of the noise that Twitter makes in the news.

If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, here is a screen capture of IMDB integrating the New Facebook Like (In less than 24 hours might I add).

Facebook Like

Reporting a web page that you like straight into your friend’s News Feed or on your profile page’s wall is nothing. The true power of the Facebook Social Open Graph is this: Take a look at the information that Facebook publish about you and your friends.

You might want to take a 5 minutes to change your Facebook settings and protect your privacy! 😉

If you set your pictures as public, somebody can easily make a mash up of your pictures and post it on YouTube… Others could make a song based on your Status updates! I would love to have a service that reports back to me the jobs available in my Facebook network, tells me who I need to contact and the friends I need to speak to in order to get to that contact (disclaimer : I am not insinuating that I am looking for a new job. I am very happy where I am right now :)) . The same could be done for generating business leads!

With that in mind and without having to think about any coding. What kind of service would you want developers to create?

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One Comment

Andrés de Rojas  on April 30th, 2010

One click like, sharing in Facebook without loading pages and having to write someting, confirm and fill the captcha…. as you said, that was the power of Twitter.

I’m building a fortress out of my Facebook profile, BTW. I don’t want any random website to publish that I once said I like it to everyone!

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