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How can I Know who Clicked on my Links on Twitter?

April 20th, 2010. Published under Twitter. 2 Comments.

How can I know who clicked on my links on Twitter

A friend recently asked me how can you tell who clicked on the links that you shared in your tweets? is great because it allows you to know how many time your links has been tweeted, shared on Facebook or on other platforms.

However, when you have 300 or 1,000+ followers, how can you tell who clicked on what?

I don’t know.

I think this type of  Twitter Analytics would be a very important feature that Twitter and other social media platforms can offer and monetize from. As a marketer, it is a great added value to know who clicked on my links and how often. Give me that info in a CSV and that is a great way for me to interact further with my community. I can tell who are my greatest fans or followers without having to make an educated guess on how many times a person has ReTweeted my message.

I see you coming… who cares? The most important is the engagement right? RTs are more important than the number of people who clicked on my links! Well… I disagree, especially when you have a massive following, identifying your enthusiasts is the best way to convert them into evangelists.

I believe evangelists are active fans of our brand and products. Enthusiasts are passive fans of our brand and product and should not be ignored.

By identifying who are our biggest enthusiasts, we can do a much better job in engaging with them. Moreover, with the advent of social media, corporations cannot direct all of their messages to their corporate presence. The importance is on providing value to our community. Therefore, we cannot track all our efforts on our website. It is as important to analyze how the collection of our messages are taken in by our community than the volume of traffic driven to our website.

I am much more interested to know how many people have clicked on our links and how often rather than how many times our links have been clicked or how many followers we have. It would be a great opportunity for us to measure our influence rather than going by the amount of followers (which can be very misleading and completely meaningless).

I have mentioned Twitter a lot but I believe the same is a necessity in Facebook. However, this can be an issue with their privacy policies (although this has not stopped them from leading their population where they want but I digress…). I don’t think we need to know who visited a page or profile and how many times but knowing who clicked on the published links and how often they clicked is crucial for effective Social Media Marketing.

I believe this is a great base on which Twitter can develop a monetizing model without having to use an advertising platform.

What do you think?

Thank you to @Anouknl for the blog post idea!

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hisods  on April 20th, 2010

Go for it!

Andrés de Rojas  on April 22nd, 2010

So good Alphonse!

I totally agree with you. I think people is giving too much value to RT’s, not considering that we all have followers that just retweet in an atempt to just keep creting content in their accounts.

It makes no sense. Where are the conversion angels now? What is interesting to know is how many people read the links we posted and what was their reaction. That’s how you communicate with your target.

RT are good in terms of brand knowledge.

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