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Google Buzz: Facebook Killer?

February 10th, 2010. Published under Facebook, Video. 2 Comments.

Google Buzz Facebook Killer?

Google has been making multiple moves under the radar aiming directly at Facebook for over a year now. I already discussed how Google opened Facebook Events to the world with Google Events and how that can benefit your business better in spring 2009. In fact, Google announced their version of Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, as early as 2008.

With Facebook attacking Google’s search market with their improved search within social networks conversations. The war between the two eGiants is surprisingly quiet. With Google Buzz, this war just got more interesting:

Will Google Buzz kill Facebook or Twitter? I don’t think so – not anytime soon anyway. Not because of Google Buzz but because Facebook and Twitter are powerhouses and it takes a long time to bring them down. I think the service is quite interesting and offers great features but Facebook users will keep using Facebook for now.

Unlike Twitter, the service of Google Buzz does not differentiate itself enough from existing popular social networks right now. Moreover, the key word here is social networks. Twitter’s social network differ’s from Facebook. That is why it is working and will continue to work.

The relationships you have on Twitter are not the same as on Facebook.

I have yet to see how my relationships will be different on Google Buzz. We will just have to wait and see. For now, Google Buzz just seems to offer more of the same thing. I don’t believe that is the best way to attract people away from Facebook or Twitter.

As for how can marketers take advantage of Google Buzz? It is simple, successful social media marketers must focus on developing relationships. The key is to develop trust from communities (disclaimer: very technical article drawing links between SEO and SMM).

In order to be trusted in these communities, you have to invest a lot of time and contribute a lot. Therefore, it is important for social media marketers to gain authority in communities because in the near future, I wouldn’t be surprised to see social media sites a la Wikipedia and YouTube to allow some dofollow links.

Once trust is developed, it doesn’t really matter what social network you are using. In the case of Google Buzz, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of the same people from other social networks.

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Andrés de Rojas  on February 11th, 2010

Totally agree, rigth now Buzz seems “more of the same thing”.

But I think the power of Google is to offer everything together: if from GMAIL you can access to e-mail, chat, video-call and social networks… why to ever leave the page?

Moreover, if this integrates with YouTube and all the other business areas of Google, its power is total.

Someone tweeted that within a few years Google is going to have to split to avoid monopoly. I agree.

Alphonse Ha  on February 11th, 2010

With Google Chrome OS about to come out soon?


Windows have IE as their default browser then has MSN as the home page which is linked with Hotmail.

With Chrome OS that means Chrome as a default browser. Then is anybody’s guess. Google can push what they want. They can have gmail as the default home page if they feel that they don’t need to direct people to their search engine (which can be the default search engine when typing in the destination/URL bar).

Now that you make me think about it, Google Buzz is not the Facebook killer but is a big cog in the overall machine. Google Buzz can mimic what MSN Messenger did to ICQ.

I switched to MSN Messenger from ICQ because everybody was on MSN and because everybody was on MSN, people who had ICQ started to use it less – even if ICQ was obviously the better service (Back then, you could send message to other people when they are offline. MSN only did that almost a decade later).

It will be interesting to keep an eye on this.

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