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Twitter is Good for the NBA

September 4th, 2009. Published under Twitter. No Comments.

Twitter Kevin Durant

I have been following NBA star Kevin Durant’s Twitter for a while. I must say, I think it is a good thing he tweets. He tweets like he breathes and that can get a little annoying, not all his tweets are interesting to me. In fact, he Tweets so much that I saw him respond to people complaining that he tweets too much. However, Twitter is a great time filler. Now that it is the NBA offseason, he often lets out his boredom.

The guy is 20 years old, so he is technically not old enough to hit the clubs and party with the booze. Twitter allows him to stay connected with his fans. He often ustream live, ask questions on Twitter like what music are you listening right now, etc.

This is a great thing because it keeps him busy, it keeps him away from trouble, unlike J.R. Smith for example.

As much as I don’t find him very interesting, Kevin “the god of basketball” Durant is very authentic and very down to earth, unlike make NBA players who aren’t even as good as him *cough* JR Smith *cough*. He is showing his true self to the world. Love him or hate him. Your choice. He’ll be fine with either. He will continue to share his #musicmondays, continue to be bored, ask what’s up with his fans, respond to them and continue to ustream. I just hope he keeps it up when he’ll be 25.

photo by: tlianza

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