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TweetStreet – Get your own Twitter Street Name

September 28th, 2009. Published under Thumbs Up. 1 Comment.

Who says you need to become a political icon in order to have a street named after you?, a Dutch website, came up with a creative effort to raise money for the Palestinian Children Care Society (PCCS) by allowing Tweeple to have their own Twitter handle as one of the 200 street names in Askar, a Palestinian refugee camp. The “@” mention in front of your Twitter name can now be used literally; as a location.

Arjan El Fassed, a Dutch-Palestinian Twitter user, is the first to have a a tweetstreet named after his username: @arjanelfassed. reports:

“Since a refugee camp by definition should not remain permanent, selling street names of the camp is a creative way to connect people and support these children after school,” said Arjan El Fassed. “Naming the street to my Twitter account is a symbolic way to connect both online and offline with the children of Askar.”

The tweetstreet names are not reported to be permanent, however it is a great initiative that is bound to provide more visibility to the PCCS. The funds will be used to provide after-school activities for nearly 1,000 children of the refugee camp who currently have no place to go after school. If you want to support this charity or simply just want to have your own tweetstreet, all you need is a Twitter account, 146$ (USD) and go to (Website not in English unfortunately).

Have you heard of other creative charity initiatives using Twitter or social media? Perhaps neighbourhoods named after Facebook pages? It would be interesting to live in the Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side neighbourhood!

photo by: Gene Hunt

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arjanelfassed  on October 2nd, 2009

the website is in english, check here:

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