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Bigger is (not) Better in Social Media

September 8th, 2009. Published under Twitter. 2 Comments.

I have a lof ot respect for the work of Michelle Blanc, a local web strategist. However, one blog post really got on my nerves. Stating how size matters in social media.

My opinion has always been quality trumps quantity and Gary Vaynerchuk says it best.

I thought penis size competition was just for pubescent teens with low self-esteem anyway?

I personally am much more interested in the number of ReTweets a person can score on Twitter per day or the percentage of people that actually clicks on the links you share than the number of followers.

If we really want to compare size, according to,

(14.5 vs 6.5in for my American readers :P).

Michelle Blanc‘s influence is much greater than mine and it frustrates me to see a person of such high authority in this industry blabber nonsense about social media. Especially in a time where corporations do not understand Social Media yet, the last thing we need is that they are having incorrect information fed to them.

It seems that everybody wants to go with the shotgun approach rather than the sniper approach. What the hell is target market? Segmentation? Those are all marketing 101. It still applies to Social Media. Hence the importance of having a social media marketing strategy that is based beyond x number of Facebook friends/fans or Twitter followers.

photo by: James Sarmiento

UPDATES (09-09-09): Michelle Blanc’s reply to my comment and my response to her (Apologies to my readers that do not read French).

Michelle Blanc:

@Alphonse, tu mêle les pommes et les oranges là. Il y a une différence entre 100 000 et 150 tout comme entre 300 et 3000. Le point du billet est que si tu as 150 Followers et que tu te présente comme gestionnaire médias sociaux pour une entreprise, il y a un problème. De même, si une entreprise est sur Twitter et qu’elle est suivie par 250 personnes, ça va être difficile de ne pas justifier la pub télé qui rejoint 1.5 millions de personnes. La grosseur n’est pas le seul critère il va de soi et Twitter est un outil pour rejoindre les influenceurs plutôt que les individus un à un. Mais il y a tout de même des chiffres qui se doivent d’y être et des résultats qui vont avec.

My Response:
Your post is not in a vacuum. I have enjoyed the quality of your blog posts, however with posts that boasts about “mensurations”, multiple times, your “subtlety” is quite questionable.

You said it yourself:

Vous me direz aussi que je prêche pour ma paroisse et que je profite encore une fois de l’opportunité de me vanter et de rappeler qu’Infopresse a déjà dit que j’avais les plus belles mensurations Web du Québec (et vous aurez raison).

I am simply pointing that out.

The position I take is that quality trumps quantity. Even if you have, as you state, 150 vs 100,000. It doesn’t matter. I still stand firm that quality trumps quantity and that is why I linked to Gary’s video.

You have discussed volume a lot here and I am talking about segmentation and target marketing. I am discussing that because you have not and I believe that is an important point to raise.

If you want to maintain your position that I posted BS I have no choice to believe that you are stating that my claims about the target market, market segmentation is BS as well.

I am raising the issues of the sniper approach as opposed to a blog post that blatantly glorifies volume (shotgun approach).

You can hint that I have personal phallic issues, that I cannot understand French properly, or that I just don’t “get” the subtleties of your blog post. If you do believe that we are talking about apples and oranges, which I do not, then I will say that in this case, you cannot glorify apples without raising the issue of oranges because it is misleading. One needs to be discussed with the other.

The power of social media is not in the volume or “mass reach” but in engagement and what I am saying is that blog posts such as this one contributes to the myth of the importance of volume in social media.

If you disagree then we shall have to agree to disagree.

Always a pleasure to have a conversation with you.
Have a nice day.

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Michelle Blanc  on September 8th, 2009

Dear Alphonse, I did not understand the joke about your penis, but there might be some personal issues there. Now, about my blabber nonsense, you probably do not understand my French correctly or you do not understand the subtlety there is in my post. By the way, if I talk bullshit about you in my blog, I will have the decency to post a link to your blog, so people (and myself) can read for themselves the false statements you are making. Here it is: and in it, I quoted the very respected Brian Solis and his post That specifically said that size matters in recruiting so called social media edxperts. By size he did not mean humongous, like the 100 000 followers but rather the 250 Followers it takes to be a little somebody on twitter (you passed that test) and to be able to project that you know what you are talking about…

For your information, I found your not that well researched post on, permitting me to correct the facts…

Andrés de Rojas  on September 9th, 2009

My opinion is that paying attention to the number of followers (formerly known as audience) is a valid approach, but better used when talking about “older” media (TV, radio, printed newspaper…).

But if the great point of Facebook, Twitter and the whole web 2.0 is interactivity, then ReTweets and clicks, as I think Alphonse tries to point out, should be the real objective of the marketing strategy.

Yes, the size of our network still matters (it’s the first step, anyways), but if we could go further and look for implication we should totally go for it.

@Michelle Blanc: I’m sorry I cannot read in French yet so I just read the post you linked and cannot comment further on this… but the penis joke was perfectly understandable.

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