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You Ignore Social Media? Shame, Shame!

August 14th, 2009. Published under 101, Social Media Marketing. 2 Comments.

Dear large Canadian corporations,

How can you ignore social media as being a part of your marketing? It is obviously big enough (read popular enough) for Telus to go bananza with it’s advertising and splash social media logos everywhere in one of the biggest metro station in Montreal.

Social Media Marketing Ads

So you are tellng me that you recognize social media and use it as bait but where are you in social media? Where is your social media marketing?

You know that audience you were trying to get their attention by using a Facebook logo? Do you know you could of really gotten their attention in another way?

Yeah! You can! Through a really cool website called Facebook and by engaging with them, by listening and by conversing with them!

Please step up.

Yours truly,
The targetted audience that cares.

PS: The use of social media logos and other apps isn’t the problem, it is because you don’t combine it with effective and engaging social media marketing.

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Samuel Lavoie  on August 30th, 2009

You nail it! Their ads are just so empty with their so called social property logos… in fact they are just using them as advertising instrument. Sad. as you said, they should step up!

Stumble across your blog on Twitter, will Follow you 🙂

Alphonse Ha  on September 1st, 2009

Thank you for you comments and for the Twitter follow, very appreciated. Looking forward to read more comments from you!

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