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Google Quietly Bites Facebook’s Ass

August 28th, 2009. Published under Facebook. No Comments.

iGoogle vs Facebook

Facebook claim that they have 250 millions active users. I think Google has nearly a billion active users”. Their biggest challenge is to shift their users into members. I would be very interested to know how many people have Google as their homepage vs Facebook as their homepage. With iGoogle quietly making moves to connect people together I can see Facebook finally getting a worthy opponent. Perhaps it will be an ICQ vs MSN messenger part deux?

Google is launching their Chrome OS, an operating system for PCs. Google can cut Facebook off before the user even opens the browser. I am keeping a close eye on what Google is doing with their “social” campaign. I believe that Google has much better talent and engineers, thus they can deliver better products but Facebook is the expert on socializing on the web by a landslide.

photo by: Geek&Poke

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