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Facebook Hacked

August 27th, 2009. Published under Facebook. No Comments.

Ok, so it isn’t Facebook that got hacked per se. Rather, it is Ann Cousins’ Facebook that got hacked (I have no idea who she is). My mother e-mailed me a Yahoo article and it got my attention:

Wed Aug 26, 3:36 PM
ST..JOHNS (CBC) – The online message sent from Ann Cousins’s Facebook account said the Newfoundland woman had been robbed of all her money at gunpoint while vacationing in London, England, and was desperate for help from her friends.

In fact, Cousins was at work in Port Aux Basques, on Newfoundland’s southwest coast, at the time, unaware that her account had been hacked and someone was trying to con her friends and family.

Once again, I call this a typical media scare tactics. In the end of the article, Ann Cousins (Who the hell is she???) states that she plans on permantently shut down Facebook and never get back on there. Riiiight, well, there is a good chance she won’t but I think she will most likely get back on there. My call is within a year or max 2.

Something like this can easily be fixed if you diversify your social media presence. If your Facebook got hacked, then you can still post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Seesmic, YouTube, you name it.

Creating a new account after being hacked is not a good idea because you have nobody to update. On the flipside, if you have multiple followers on multiple accounts, it is no big deal. So your Facebook got hacked, ok just announce it on Twitter, ask people to notify others on Facebook if they have it and to RT. The same can be said with YouTube and any other social media channels.

The world is getting more connected thanks to social media. The answer is not to hide but to increase our visibility and presence.

Just don’t have the same password across different platforms. I’m going to go change mine now… 😀

photo by copyfighting

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