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Social Media Million Dollars Idea

July 21st, 2009. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

Social Media Million Dollars Idea

After reading about Yahoo’s new home page redesign… I was thinking. Why are web publishing companies taking so much time getting more social?

The most important rule I learned in video production is:

People are interested in people.

That is the reason why all this “social media” stuff is becoming popular don’t you think? Why do you think people spend hours on Facebook? With all these social networking tools out there and all the different ways to make the web more social (Google Friend Connect, Facebook connect) what is AOL, Yahoo, MSN waiting to work with MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn or even Digg to integrate at least one column on their homepage.

I am not talking about status updates. Make a section where everything your network is sharing comes up at one place. All the videos your friends has “favorite”, the google reader’s posts your friends has starred, all the web pages your friends has shared on Facebook etc.

There are great opportunities for this. Facebook “highlight” column is horrible, Friendfeed is too cluttered and doesn’t have the eyeballs of MSN or Yahoo. Newspaper companies are too focus on their own content. This platform would exponentially increase the virality nature of any content on the web. You own the platform, you monetize. I think there should be a website à la Digg but I don’t believe Digg has the web publishing experience to make it happen.

Having a category like this on a major portal or creating your own portal would give a lot of leverage to the social media underdog platforms such as Vimeo or Viddler. Having their videos go viral earlier or faster than Youtube will help them compete with the giant.

Whoever has the skills to program this will be a very rich man. Too bad I am not a programmer.

Picture by: Tracy O

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