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Youtube Sampling – the future of Hip-Hop?

March 26th, 2009. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

This Youtube clip is a song (or is it a music video?) created with samples of other Youtube Clips. One word: Phenomenal! The artist is Kutiman. Genius!


Copyright issues aside, I think this is a beautiful mirror of the new Web and its mentality. Long gone are the days of static text only web pages (yes, web pages and not web sites). It is all about mixing, sharing or in Hip-Hop terms: cutting/chopping, mixing and looping!  

It is a great time to be living!

This post is a dedication to Pizza4all. A musico-visual pizza4u!

If Kutiman made an e-musicovisual pizza, this would be the live musicovisual pizza version (by Playingforchange)

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