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Twitter and Single? Power of Community.

February 13th, 2009. Published under Twitter. No Comments.

There is an interesting trend on Twitter today since it is Valentine’s day eve.

It is interesting how powerful communities can become and how Twitter is a great facilitator.  
Tweeple all over the word are sending tweets out about their single friend by using the hashtag #mysinglefriend and mentionning their friends using the @ convention so that people in the Twittersphere can go to the single friend’s Twitter profile page.
Perhaps Twitter can beat out all the other online dating services?  It would be something interesting to keep and eye on. 😛
For all of you interested in getting a last minute date tomorrow, I suggest you to make this search on Twitter:

#mysinglefriend near:Montreal

Replace “montreal” by your location, make sure there is no space between the colon and the location.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
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