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How Can We Superpower Twitter?

January 9th, 2009. Published under Twitter. No Comments.

Twitter is a powerful tool, but as a Montreal resident, I will tell you it is not the case here.  Quebec tends to be a little slow with internet trends and adoption, I think language is also an issue.  Facebook did not boom here until it translated their platform in French. 

After reading Jeremiah’s How Bloggers Should Inspire Retweets and Mack Collier’s Want to give your readers a way to tweet your posts? I’m thinking that the two ideas compliment each other quite well.  I think a way the twitter community can superpower Twitter is by bringing these ideas together and making it easy for readers, twitter users and (hopefully) future twitter users.
This is the part where I am slapping myself at the back of the head for quiting learning programming in grade 8. If we make things easy for people, adoption rate will be higher, which will increase the potential viralness of any content on the web.  This is just beneficial for everybody.
I like the copy that Jeremiah is suggesting because it doesn’t only give the url, it also has room for an attractive copy to incite others to click or retweet.  I also like that the twitter username is used like in Mack’s idea.
Jeremiah Owyang

If You Read This, Tweet This to your Followers:

How Bloggers Should Inspire Retweets

Mack Collier via @mackcollier’s The Viral Garden

What I am suggesting:
My idea is that we can have a button/picture/icon that allows to tweet the post like Mack created, however it will tweet automatically rather than sending you to your twitter page.  The original idea from Mack and Jeremiah is mainly for blogs, but this button/icon can be used to share any content such as pictures or videos as well.
If you read this, tweet this to your followers:
Let’s reduce the amount of clicks or copy paste to share content and create Twitter on Crack: @alphonseha
Now Tweet this!
Ahhh, if only I didn’t quit programming!
What are your thoughts on how we can superpower Twitter?

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