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December 11th, 2008. Published under Social Media Marketing. No Comments.

Great piece of propaganda?
Builds up hype about what is better and never really revealed the results.  Use the documentary format but did not have a documentary structure.
Am I the only one who saw the same people voting multiple time?
Sways the audience towards how great the whopper is.  Where was the Big Mac outside of the taste test? When they were going in villages?
I have mixed feelings about this video… advertising genius or just crap?

Comments?  On a social media perspective, they allow embeds, downloads, share it on Facebook, Digg, Reddit or e-mail.  It’s done pretty well… No official Youtube though.  
That is a major lack.  A quick Youtube search shows that their hype worked.  People upload the teaser and somebody uploaded the full video.  Appropriate it!  Now you have people discussing your video and you do not have that discussion in an environment you can control better ie: your own Youtube channel.
As for me, the video makes me hungry.  I am going to grab a quarter pounder at McDonald’s now.

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