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Breakin’ Lynx … Leaked???

July 9th, 2008. Published under Thumbs Up. 2 Comments.

In my research in SEO, I used myself as an guinea pig and I found something quite interesting yesterday that prompted a mix of emotions. I was shocked, surprised, please, intrigued and a little displeased (I am aware that I just listed pleased and displeased).

Let me explain.

I typed “Alphonse Ha” in (French) and what did I discover? My name and my biggest video project to date: Breakin’ Lynx, A documentary of B-boying or Breaking (or commercially known as Breakdancing) in Montreal through B-Girl Lynx, was listed on a MySpace page of Gros Méchants Films as his film’s interests.

I sent him a Myspace message yesterday and, of course, added him to my MySpace friends (hey! He’s like my first unknown fan!). I have not heard from him yet but am very curious to know how the hell did he get his hands on my video.

I am glad that the video is nowhere to be seen on the web yet (I couldn’t find it). I wanted to finish working on the sound, create a mini trailer and have a “web premier” date for the video’s official launch and hopefully submit it to festivals as well.

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auberstein  on May 14th, 2010

It’s funny how someone else entered that film in the festival and worked on it with you and yet is given no acknowledgment. Someone really needs to get off their high horse.

Alphonse Ha  on May 14th, 2010

I am not sure I follow you. This blog post is not about the actual production of the video or even the video itself. It is about Search Engine Optimization and how my name came up for a project I worked on.

This is not the place to list everybody who worked on the project. The credits in the video is the appropriate place for that.

I later learned the full story but never got around to tell the rest. It was also mainly because I didn’t think anybody cared or even read my blog. I was writing this in a vacuum at the time.

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